Keep your students busy and their minds sharp! Go beyond traditional tutoring with chess, coding, and robotics lessons.


Children are natural-born creators, by nurturing their creativity we allow them to bring their ideas to life. Developing innovative and collaborative skills while gaining hands-on experience with teams. Design, construct, and operate new robotic solutions throughout the summer.


Chess presents strategic challenges while nurturing responsibility. Children learn and thrive together, building a sense of discipline and accountability in a nurturing environment.

Adults guiding children in playing chess
Adults guiding children in playing chess


Learn Languages like Python, HTML, Java, etc. to create games and web applications they can take pride in. Build on your skills in problem-solving, analytical thinking, algorithm development, and more! Developing these skills not only enriches their experiences but also creates invaluable references for their future.

turned-on MacBook Pro wit programming codes display
turned-on MacBook Pro wit programming codes display

Go Beyond Our Creative Programs

Studying academic concepts can be exhausting. Escape the conventional ways of learning and dive into a new approach with familiar concepts. Strengthen critical thinking, and working memory by performing brain exercises such as puzzles, chess, and pattern recognition activities.