Kristen's journey initially began as a means to earn extra income. Little did she know that meeting a little girl with learning differences would redefine her purpose. Witnessing Aliyah's daily struggles, the weight of societal misrepresentations, and her embarrassment, Kristen felt a deep connection. She then shared her story of transforming hyperactivity into a driving force for productivity.

Working one-on-one with Aliyah, Kristen realized there were other students out there who were also unseen. Kristen carried the imprint of that little girl with her and even while working with other students, she couldn't help but approach them with the same care and understanding as if they shared the same struggles as Aliyah. It took Kristen some time to recognize that her true calling was not just ensuring Aliyah's progress but extending that impact to countless other students. This realization gave Kristen a clear objective of the company's next steps.

Focus Minds Tutoring does not only advocate for just one student but creates an environment where countless students, creates an environment where countless students can thrive in a classroom despite their differences.

Kristen Clarke


"Just as the times progresses, teaching strategies must also evolve."

Kristen is dedicated to adapting our methods to suit the ever-changing needs of students.