The Onboarding Process

Discover your ideal Match

Our selection process offers a personalized and effective learning experience. You can connect with a tutor whose teaching approach aligns with your student's learning style.


After determining an onboarding session date, we will meet with you and your student to assess their current academic understanding. We aim to establish a personal connection with your student to effectively communicate with them and address their unique needs.

Develop a Personalized Strategy

In developing a personalized teaching strategy, we will recommend learning materials to enhance your student's retention. Then, discuss your assessment of your student's needs, so that we can meet your expectations as well.

Receive Updates and Reports

Your students will be integrated into our program and you will receive weekly updates on their progress! After each session is completed, the tutor will submit a report regarding how their session went and what material was discussed during the period. The report will be accessible to parents only.



Our approach begins by building a connection with students to assess their interests and learning styles, allowing us to provide tailored teaching methods.


We collaborate with educators involved in your student's learning process to ensure our methods are aligned, teachers, psychologists, etc.


We go beyond conventional methods. Instead of simply regurgitating, we create engaging materials tailored to each student's interests.


Our weekly reports are shared between parents and our tutors only; allowing students to concentrate solely on enjoying and honing their skills.


Personalized Guidance
Our experienced tutors work closely with students to understand their strengths, weaknesses, and academic goals. With this knowledge, we craft personalized homework plans to address individual needs and help students reach their full potential.
A tutor giving personalized tutoring to student
A tutor giving personalized tutoring to student